Je t’aime Paris


Je t’aime Paris


Before this year, I could only dream about going to Paris. Now I dream about going back but with my whoever I’m with.

I had huge problems communicating, and if I wouldn’t have stayed with people I met back here, I wouldn’t have survived alone. But in the end… I got some instructions on my first day, got my map of the city and a map of the metro… and off I was for my adventures.

It felt great, coming back home after my tours, knowing that I wasn’t lost and I made it. (It was the same in Barcelona, but I got a bit lost there coming back from Port Olimpic)

I took a 2 day bus tour called Les Cars Rouges you can hop in and hop off in 9 different stops. It was fun, and in my second day after waiting kind of hours for our bus, at the Louvre, I met a mexican couple, they were really nice. I went to eat to a restaurant at the Seine, La Plage Parisienne, were I tried typical french food that I didn’t know I would actually like or even try.

I spent the whole next day at Versailles, I loved it, I walked and walked and walked, but at some point it was amazing, I aslo love just sitting alone on the gardens, hearing music and thinking.

I spent my last day at Montmartre, taking some pics of the Sacré-Cœur, some nice musicians on the street, and how amazing actually Montmartre is. 
 Then I had I think like 2 hours left before going to the airport and heading to Genevè, and I didn’t wanted to live Paris without actually visiting the Eiffel Tower (my tours started there, but not inside). There was a 2 hour line for the elevators so I had to take the decision of leaving or going up with the stairs. I chose the stairs, at the beginning I couldn’t make it, well after a whole day in Versailles… I couldn’t expect anything else. But I got the strength to do it.
I loved and love Paris, can’t wait to be back!
































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