The joy of getting actual mail/post


The joy of getting actual mail/post

Probably two months ago, and as a way of trying to heal up my broken heart and my drowned ego, I saw that one of my friends was recieving a lot of cools things from people in other countries so I decided to ask her about it.
She told me about Postcrossing, and I decided to give it a try.
I have to admit I don’t regret it, even if it has been a major use of my money just in buying and sending postcards.
Nowadays, communication has turn into emails, sms, whatsapp, bbm, and the only post you really get is advertising and your credit card statements. Something you actually NEVER expect right?
Since I started postcrossing, everytimes I get home, I’m always wondering if there’s a or some new postcard/s waiting for me, and when there is, a smile is drawn in my face.
I already recieved 62 postcards, and beautiful things from my penpals!
It’s amazing.

You should try it, it is such a different experience.




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