Expect the unexpected…


Expect the unexpected…

I have good news, I finally have my beloved iPhone 5, the amazing Casetagram case that I copied from M. (I asked) and also a beautiful new purse and two dresses.

(Pics are coming later since atm I’m blogging from the blogger app)

I know in a previous post I was insecure wether to choose the collage case from my euro trip or the cases from my pics from the Eiffel Tower and a place call Alsterskaden pretty near from Hamburgs Rathaus. I introduced M. to Casetagram and he bought himself one case and posted it on his Facebook, the minute I saw it, I said this is the one for me, because implied my favorite city in the whole world and my fave soccer/football team also in the whole world, and I’ve been dying to get a sweatshirt with that design, that I would buy if it wasn’t because HSV doesn’t even allow me to create an account to buy stuff on their shop, because I would pay whatever shipping cost I need to pay for it. So with the payment of my freelance little job I got my case that arrived last week and I’ve been loving it ever since!

The other day I payed a visit to this new mall they’ve opened near my house called La Rambla, that reminds me so much of Barcelona, that I always get sad, yes I’m also dying to get back to Europe specially to Germany and Spain. I meet a friend and we were only going to have some coffee at Starbucks, but neither of us finished what we asked and we went around entering some clothing stores, in one i bought a nice black purse, that I felt Was a missing piece in my life, not because its an amazing purse but because I needed one of that kind. Then we enter a stored called Koaj just for fun assuming everything was expensive, we tried some stuff, I did mainly dresses, thinking I could only buy one because the 50% off the store had was only for some clothes and not for ALL the store like it actually was. I payed like S/. 75 for what I would have payed S/. 144, so I ended up really happy!

Here are the pics:

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