Some toughts

I was giving a lot of thought to it, and I’ve decided I will write (or at least try my best) all the next posts in the 3 languages I speak (spanish, english and german), I think its fair for everyone.

Also wanted to share my outfit of the day, things that will be NEW IN my closet, and tell you that I will be doing a closet clean out, and those clothes I won’t use anymore will be going to the most in need.

Shoes: Wedges from ASOS. 
Shorts: Some store in the USA (They’re are back from 2008, don’t how they still fit)
Top: Zara
Sunglasses: OASAP
Snood: Scarf brought from India

And here are the things that will be new in next week! I ws in a need of new jeans and leggins.



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