As you might know if you have readen my info, I love football or soccer (however you wanna call it) and this weekend, it was Champions League Final weekend, so everyone who loves football like me, was probably watching the final, and for me, such a german lover was perfect, even tho I hate one of the teams that played. ย My favorite team is also a german team so you will kind of understand why. I was PRO-DORTMUND tho. So sad Bayern won, but congrats to them, I guess.
Leaving aside the sports, I want to show you this new hair styles I’ve been trying and of course saturday’s outfit, to go out and eat with my parents.
I gotta be honest with you the flower headband I bought it in Germany (at Bijou Brigitte) and I’ve only used it as a typical headband. Since during this week, one of my coworkers was checking th ASOS web page, and she said I wouldn’t use this to some hair acceosories, ย there was some model using a headband like mine, so I tought I should give the look a try. You can wear it with straighten hair, with two braids, and with this nice and curly hair from my pics. Totally not regreting my choices.
What do you think?


My parents and I went out to eat to a Pasta Gourmet Restaurant called Piacere, I have to admit it was delicious, must say is the first restaurant that we go, where my mom doesn’t complain about the most simple thing. Recommend it totally!!
So here’s the outfit of the night:
axxs: dress
ย ovs: leggins
h&m: black parka
asos: shoes