Cusco – Part 4


Cusco – Part 4

Hey lovelies,
After the laziness day, we got a new tour because we wanted to go to Maras and Moray. Another tour that lasts almost half the day, you get back to have lunch and then do whatever you want. There’s amazing salt flats at Maras and there are some old ruins at Moray that are believed to be kind of “laboratories” for the incas to make plants to aclimatate to the peruvian highlands weather, and I guess altitude too.

This tour wasn’t in our initial tours, thats why we could have a day to do nothing. We asked the lady at our hotel on how to go there and she contacted this tour for us. I pretty much have no idea how much the things costed, because it was a family trip and my mom kind of planned it. Totally different than my trip to Europe, where I knew everything about everything :).
Short post today, I’m really tired tho. Enjoy the pics.
And tomorrow or around the weekend the “Cusco… tips and where to eat” post will be up, don’t forget to check it out.
















12 angle stone


The Cathedral and the main Plaza

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