Be sexy


Be sexy

Hi guys, this will be a little review post about a dry shampoo I just got.
Every time I went to the beauty section of ASOS, I checked on the dry shampoos, and couldn’t buy one because of I guess shipping restrictions. So when I heard about CyZone putting out one in the market I had to try it.

Lately I can’t stand my natural hair, so I need it to have it always straighten, either I go to the saloon or I spend an hour or more with my flat iron. Me wanting to have my hair straighten as long as possible (too much money and time involved) this CAN be a nice option for me to keep my hair looking good.

I just tried it, in a little string of my hair, just for the matter of trying it.
It has an amazing smell and as for now it has left that string of my hair very soft, and maybe after half an hour it still keeps the nice smell, but in a very low amount.





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