the birthday+ wishlist

We’re a month and a bit more away from my birthday and I wanted to open up my birthday also all year round wishlist (besides obvi, the big wishlist, that actually has some of the same things in this wishlist as well).
I have been having problems with receiving my Shopbop package… my mom got an OP on monday and everyone else has been taking turns to be at the hospital, so 2 times they’ve come here to deliver it, there was no one. And since I knew that I called lot of times to schedule and give them the time were at least on Tuesday my sister was going to be there. Turns out that they attempt the delivery 1 hour and 30 minutes later than the time I told them (17:30, when I told them there was going to be people from 14 to 16). And yesterday again, after rescheduling for today, they call me, and tell me they have gone again and there was nobody, and they call me to reschedule again, and I told the guy a bit angry, what’s the point of telling you a determined time if I did that yesterday and you appeared more than an hour later??? And I already called and rescheduled, anyways.  Now my mom’s home and the maid is gonna be here so… hopefully it will be here otherwise I’ll have to go and pick it up :/.  Hopefully my ASOS parcel’s arrives on saturday as well 😉
Anways here’s my wishlist:



As you can see there’s a lot of “luxury” brands, accesories, creams, parfumes, books but also… football stuff, that’s my beautiful edge, apart from lately fashion, I’ve been a major football fan for years, not common in my country for most girls, I’ve been to the stadium quite a lot, even in Europe (Camp Nou, Imtech Arena). So as a football and most specially HSV fan I need to fill my fandom with fan – stuff. So if you want to give me something, feel free to and for the need of an address, you can write me an email to :

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