it’s all about marble

Hey babies,

How are you today? I’m great, just enjoying the free time and working on the blog a lot! As you can see we have a new domain, this was planned a while ago and I was just waiting for the old domain name contract to came to and end.

Anyways today’s post is about marble… well… marbled accessories. If you have a instagram account you probably have seen thousands of marble containing flatlays all around, and I think this is how I discovered Maison de Blanc. I already owned a iphone case from zerogravity which has a marble theme on it, so I was looking to add something extra marble to my tech accessories.

So I stumbled across Maison de Blancs account and felt in love with their macbook skin sets. I decided I wanted the white one and purchased it. This package also underwent the troubles or the bad postal service in my country so after a while I can finally enjoy my purchase.

This is the one I got in case you want it too… they also have a black marble version and other interesting stuff, so check them out.

Down below are a few etsy options










22 thoughts on “it’s all about marble”

  1. Lately I've been totally obsessed with marble too!! I love your phone case, it's so beautiful!!
    It would mean the world to me if you might check out my blog 😉

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