Hey lovelies!

After such a long wait (thanks again lovely peruvian postal service!), I finally have my own pair of Frends headphones. They probably have been in my wishlist for around 2+ years and I finally could get them. I still think they are very high priced but you guys, sometimes they put them on sale and there’s your chance (as it was mine).

I love how you can store them in the little bag they come with, how foldable they are, how stylish they make you look and how good they sound! They’re definitively a good investment to be honest.
I hope I can add them in a future outfit post. And by the way, the caps are interchangeable so you can buy others separately and make your headphone look even more amazing!  Below are a few options of them. And if you are willing to pay a lot of cash for them, check their site again and check their Dolce & Gabbana collection. The Baublebar and Swarovski  collections are also worth it!
Oh, I forgot, mine are from the Taylor collection, they are a bit bigger. If you are feeling like too big isn’t for you, their Layla collection, might just be your perfect choice.