Hey girls!
Today’s post is a guest post, hope you enjoy it!

Hey, I am Kenzie and I got the chance to guest write on Luโ€™s fabulous blog this week.
Currently in Vancouver, Canada we are approaching summer and each day is getting a
little bit warmer which makes me super happy. I love the summer heat and chill vibes that
come along with it, but what makes it that much more enjoyable are a few of my
favourite summer essentials, so here they are! Check out my blog for more from me here.

1. My first summer essential has to be hats! Although I do wear these way too much
throughout the year because of messy hair days… they are definitely a summer must.
They help protect my face and scalp from the sun… and they are also just super cute.


2. This one might seem a little corny and weird but I swear by this stuff! My second
summer essential is coconut water. It hydrates you so much more than water and is the
most refreshing thing, and I get dehydrated so easily so this stuff helps me out big time.


3. In the summer I just want to get up and go start my day and not have to worry about
my outfit. I love simple tee shirt dresses to just throw on; they are easy and nice and cool
in the hot weather. This one is from Brandy Melville.

4. Of course summer means sunshine and harsh UV rays, so one of my main essentials
has to be sunglasses. I love how they make a simple outfit look instantly more stylish, and
of course also protecting your eyes. I grab cheap sunnies anywhere as long as they look
cute, these ones were from a small boutique but I also love the ones H&M has.


5. I obviously canโ€™t do an essentials segment without mentioning food. My ultimate
summer is me sitting on the beach with a giant smoothie bowl and a spoon, thatโ€™s where
you can usually find me. My favourite toppings are chia seeds, oats, and berries!