How to shop my Instagram feed?


Hey lovelies!


If you follow me already on Insta, you might have seen some post that have the following: #liketkit and you might have probably wonder what that is right? Well lets you shop your favorite instagrams from your favorite instagrammers.

For example, if you like what I’m wearing or sharing in one of my post and you totally want them, here’s what you have to do:

1. Sign up at
2. Authorize them on your Instagram app
3. Enter your emai address save and finish
4. Like the picture you want that is tagged/hashtagged with the following: #liketkit
5. You’ll receive an email with ready to shop product links
6. You simply click on the one you like and you’ll be redirected to their store.It is as simple as that, but here’s a video that explains it a lot better too!


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