Happy Independence Day, Peru


Happy independence day Peru, thank you for being such an amazing country with a lot of history, culture and most imporantly, the best food in the world! I’m just enjoying the fact that this year and this day we got a new president, one that’s probably the best one we’ll have in a while, the most prepared and one that I actually voted for because I wanted and not because I had to.
Leaving you a few pics from my trip to Cusco some years ago! Enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day, Peru”

  1. Qué hermoso país el que tenés, linda! Tal como lo decís, Perú tiene tanta cultura e historia en cada rincón del país. Mi hermana mayor, que es profesora de historia, viajó hace un par de años a Cusco y volvió maravillada. Las fotos que sacó parecían una pintura, el paisaje es irreal. <3 Feliz Día atrasado!! 🙂

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