better late than never: october vlog

Hey girls!

Better late than never huh? Well yes! I wanted to show you this video clearly 2 months ago or at least one, but I didn’t had the time or energy to sit down and edit my video, besides it was going to be a birthday vlog too but I lost half my birthday footage so… I made it with what I got.

By the way, the fact that I added the I don’t wanna miss a thing video its because besides the fact that is the only footage from my actual birthday, it is my favorite Aerosmith song and I went to their previous concerts only to hear THAT song live but they never played it. And they did now in their last concert in Lima an ON my birthday. It completely made my day and my birthday.

I fell in love with the song when I was probably around 12 or so, because it was the slow song to dance at the club parties for teens. I have so many memories of it it made it my favorite.

Enjoy the room tour and the song 😉

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