the overlap blouse


the overlap blouse

Hey lovelies!How are you? Hope everything is ok on your end. I wanted to share this time this lovely overlap blouse I got from Rosegal. It’s my now favorite and I use it for any important reunions, either family ones or any other.The material is quite good and its perfect for summer, because its totally fresh. It looks perfect combined with black skinny jeans and some stilettos, don’t you think? Mine is a little oversized because, now I rather go a lot of sizes up to at least get to enjoy the clothing and not receive it and be sad because it doesn’t fit me.

This time this piece took a bit to arrive, but made me quite happy when I received it.

You can get it here, and don’t forget to check out this long sleeve mini dress.

What do you think about this blouse and the outfit? Let me know in the comments.










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