a stripy hem pant

Hola bonitas!

Hows everything going this week? You can find an outfit post today on the blog! Yay!

Today, I’m styling my new hem pant from Zaful. Remember you can get cute capri pants there too!

You can get the one that I got here.

First I want to talk a little bit about the pants, and then I’ll tell you how I styled the outfit with them.

Well I wanna start saying that the quality per-se of the fabric is good and it makes the pants quite comfortable to wear, but the details guys, so not good. The stripy part at the end of the pants, was bad sewed, it was uneven, like they should have cut a part of it but they left it just there… I had to cut it and I’ll probably fix it later. Also theres threads at the end of the pant (near the heel) like its unstitching. Other than the bad detailing that I think its fixable, the pant is comfy, stylish and fits me quite well.


I paired it with faux snake skin flats, a black blazer and a white top. You can find all the details on IG.


 photo shopthepost.png


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