Mom jeans?

Hey bonitas! How are you today? I’m loving these new “mom jeans” from Rosegal that I recently got. Gotta be honest with you guys, these were high waisted skinny jeans but they end up fitting me like mom jeans. They’re the same size and brand as my black distressed jeans that fit perfectly, so I have no idea why they end up being so big.

It’s not a mystery that I wear a lot of plus size clothing, yes, I’m overweighted but also my boobs play a big role on me choosing my size. Its so funny how my ass can actually fit a size M, but my boobs sometimes don’t even fit an XL. Anyways, as you can see in the pictures these jeans kinda feel a bit baggy, but they are also super comfortable. Probably the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. I always size up, specially in asian websites because their sizes tend to be smaller than the regular rest of the world ones, this time I didn’t do it, and like I said, these are the same brand and size as the black ones, maybe it just the fabric tho.

Since they do fit and just run big, I decided to still wear them, as kind of mom jeans and style them like that. This time I paired the jeans with a Mango suit pinkish T-shirt, a pink coat and my black High keys, perfect look I think. If you want to get these high waisted skinny jeans, I recommend them, just check the sizes.

What do you think?

mom jeans

mom jeans

mom jeans

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