2018 Goals

Hey girls! It’s been a while since I last posted. Gotta be honest, I’ve been kind of sick and with the writers block. Every time I got my laptop on my hands and wanted to write something, I simply couldn’t. Also I know that it’s February, “probably” a little too late for setting goals for the year. But hey, at the beginning of the year I decided I wasn’t going to do so… I know I end up not taking them that seriously and end up just enjoying life.

Anyways, there’s been some changes during the last month that made me want to actually change my mind and set up some goals for the year. For example my cousin and a school friend are getting married at the end of the year.  So here they are…


Start accepting that I’m turning 30!

Being able to pay the Cancun trip (aka. cousin’s wedding)

As you might know I’ve been kinda struggle with getting a job and finding one that I like, aka I’ve also struggled with money a little bit. Even tho I wanted to travel to Europe for my 30th birthday, and also decided that if I didn’t make it to Europe at least I’ll make it to the States. My cousin’s wedding will be in Cancun at the literal end of the year and I’ve to be there, we basically grew up together and she’s like my sis, apart from the real one. So I’ll make it my goal to actually go to her wedding, I can’t just miss it.

Lose weight, go to the gym and be fit and constant on that (specially for the weddings)

Even tho I accept myself and my body, I still don’t feel 100% comfortable with my body and gotta be honest, I wanna look good, I want things to fit and want to just simply look good. I have to weddings by the end of the year. Meaning I wanna be able to wear sexy dresses, specially to the Cancun wedding. Also I wanna look good while being there and take awesome pictures for the blog. I wanna keep my path of going to the gym and trying eat healthy to actually be healthy too!

Save, save, save (aka stop buying things I don’t really need)

Actually this goal complements the trip one. I need to stop buying things that I like and love but don’t really need that much.

Get a job that I actually like

My last two jobs I gotta be honest… I didn’t like, I wasn’t comfortable and I felt underpaid. I was treated badly. I’ve decided that at this point I’ll look for jobs that not only complement my studies, but also what I like, not just get a job to pay stuff. I know that I might find the right one but I might end up being underpaid, but hey, if I’m treated well and the place makes me feel happy being there even if I’m not getting that much money I’ll be happy. I might eventually grow in the company right? As long as it helps pay what I need to pay and leaves me a little bit of money to save, I’m ok.

Travel a little more

Even if the most important trip of the year will be my cousins wedding I’ll love to eat least some little trips around the country and if possible, maybe a USA trip.



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