Hey babes! How are you? I’m fine and wanting to share one of the latest post that will include a video from my European trip and specially the cruise destinations from last year. This time you’ll be visiting Napoli (Naples) with me. If you are wondering why I said that there’s gonna be one of the last post with videos… it’s simple…. I managed to not make videos and take just a few pictures that I uploaded to my private Facebook account. Or if I actually took them… they’re long gone.

This city really amazed me a lot and left me wanting to go back. Gotta be honest, since we arrived with the cruise, once again, at the port we took a taxi that took us on a little tour around. We visit the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and also Pompeii.

At the Amalfi Coast we basically just went to take pics and enjoy the amazing views. We wanted to go to Capri, but the schedule wouldn’t let us. We just walked around Sorrento and took also some pictures. And Pompeii was definitively amazing, but so big. Back in the city (Napoli), we did visit the Galleria Umberto I. Where I went to Sephora and while I was trying new products my mom entered and took me out like a bulldog. We ate pizza at a restaurant and also walked around the Castel Nuovo.


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