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marzo 10, 2018

Get your prom dress in advance

Hey babes! 2018 is slowly passing by and for most of you prom is also slowly nearing. At Simple Dress, they do have a lot of different dresses for a lot of different occasions. Like weddings, special occasions, prom, and any other occasion you could think of. So talking about prom, I’ve seen how much prom dresses have evolved since I got to attend mine. Which by the way, I kind of regret the dress I wore. It look ok to me at that moment, but looking back and looking on what my friends  ...

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Pearls and tassel

Hey babes! Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m not a big jewelry wearer and specially I’ve been used to wearing little earrings (aka pearls) my whole life. When I saw these earrings on Dresslily I decided to get them, because why not? No risk no gain right? So I chose these Artificial Pearl Rope Knot Tassel Earrings because they felt ok for me to wear. They didn’t look too big or too heavy and that’s what I like, and like I said before, I felt like I needed  ...

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