oh! the shoes

What girl doesn’t love them? A lot of influencers have so many of them. I got to be honest my shoe collection feels so tiny in comparison to some of them. But hey, it’s growing! I’ve got some of mine from Zaful and I do not regret getting them. There’s so many types of them for so many different types or girls. Not all girls can walk in high heels all the time, some love just flats or sneakers, but these women shoes, are just made for us to wear them.

If you are more of a sporty chic girl probably some breathable shoes or sneakers will be your best friends, besides who said sneakers are not stylish or chic? And the best thing, you’ll be able to wear them all day long and whenever and wherever you want. There’s so many options, sports ones, casual ones, and they can help make your outfit look better, depending on what you want. Also, they can just be you comfy friends for your every day life.

Faux Leather Embroidery Flower Skate Shoes

I love the simplicity of these sneakers, and the flower embroidery that it has. Simple, stylish and chic to add to an outfit that is sporty but chic too.



On the other side, if you want to look taller but you’re not really much into wearing stilettos, there’s also the option of the wedge shoes. They will definitively the chance to look taller and stylized without having to kill your feet for long hours. I think eventually, wedges are gonna start hurting (that has happened to me before), but I think it might depending on how used to them you are.

Ankle Strap Wedge Heel Sandals

I love this wedge heel sandals, because they remind me to some that I had before. They look comfortable and perfect to wear during summer, either to go to the beach or to any date or night out you might have. Even to just go out with your girls for coffee or ice cream. And of course, they will give just the right amount of extra height.



Do you know what type of shoes will also help you achieve an awesome look? Brown heeled sandals! They will look awesome with everything you wear! White jeans, black jeans and some other colors. Besides heels will help your legs and you in general to look stylized, for sure. Every time I wear any type of heels, my legs look different and I love it.


Chunky Heel Suede Ankle Strap Sandal

These lovely chunky heel suede sandals just look awesome. I think you can pair them with white jeans and a baby pink top and the outfit will look awesome and very girly. The suede will give it a nice texture to it too. Besides it has the right amount of heel, so your feet wont be hurting.




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