gym leggings: getting fit with it

Hey babes! How are you? I’m here enjoying watching a little bit of Netflix. Thinking a lot about going back to the gym, and definitively looking for some awesome gym leggings. I would totally love to go back to the gym and getting back into a fitness/healthier lifestyle.

Like I said, lately I’ve been really thinking a lot about going back to the gym but I still haven’t really took actions about it. I’m totally the kind of person who loves working out in the mornings… I feel like mentally I’m always too tired at the end of the day that I’m not into working out at nights. I rather start the day exercising the body. Sadly I’m still putting a little bit more importance to my sleeping. So I don’t wake up early and I also don’t work out at nights.

Don’t get me wrong, I do really want to put some real effort on this and feel healthier. Do you guys have any tips on trying to get back on track on the fitness bandwagon? Please let me know in the comments.

So anyways, this time I wanted to share with you some of my favorite gym leggings. Definitively looking good when you go to the gym is important to every fashionista out there. Not the most important obviously, but still important. Your confidence and your outfit will always say the best of you. The ones I’m going to show you know are from ZAFUL. For more awesome leggings click here.

Here are finally my favorites…


Calf Cross Marble Print Capri Leggings

I love this ones because I’m totally into marble. My phone case has a marble pattern and a if you see my IG a lot of my pics have marble background.

gym leggings


Palm Leaf Gym Compression Sports Leggings

I love this one because of the palm patterns, just reminds me of the beach and having a nice beach body.

gym leggings


Ombre Self-tie Sports Leggings

This is my favorite of them all, because of the ombre style and definitively the pastel colors… so pretty.

gym leggings


Which one is your favorite out of the three?


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