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Hey babes! It’s time for a new wishlist from Zaful. Summer will start in a few months and I’m totally preparing for it, so I wanted to share a little wishlist that involves some swimsuits. I also wanted to let you know, that Zaful has become one of my favorite online stores.

They have a huge selections of clothes for every body type, which I find perfect, because is still hard for curvier girls to find places to get cute clothing in their sizes. Awesome right? There’s also bikinis and swimsuits, like the ones I’m going to share with you in this awesome wishlist.

So here are my favorite plus size swimwear has a few bikinis and some beautiful swimsuits. Perfect for any style. Not everyone loves wearing bikinis and some do.


Plus Size Plunging Color Block Swimsuit 

Love the pastel colors of it and its sexy deep V front.



Palm Leaf Plus Size Wrap Bikini Set

I love this bikini set because of its leaf pattern, just reminds me of tropical vibes.



Marble Print Plus Size Bandeau Bikini

This one I just love because of the marble print… I’m a sucker for marble.



Plus Size Low Back Flamingo Swimwear

This perfect swimsuit with the flamings is just love, don’t you think?



Don’t forget theres a discount code you can use and you’re going to love ZFMine. If you spend over $25 dollars, you save $3. When you spend over $50, you save $6, and when you spend over $100, you save $12.


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