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Hey babes! It’s definitively been a while since I last consistantly posted on the blog. It’s been some hard last few months. I will definitively talk about it in another post but this time I actually wanted to tell you about a brand and a product I’m really a lot into lately. 

The brand is called Bali Body and they are from Australia. I find out about them thanks to a peruvian influencer that got one of their tanning bundles. They look so good that I started following them on Instagram and not long after that I decided to purchase one of their products… the BB Cream. I actually also wanted to get one of their tanning oils, but I just had got a tanning oil so I didn’t. 

First off, I want to tell you a bit about the brand in the hopes of making you love them as much as I do.  Like I said, they are a proudly Australian brand, and all of their products are made in Melbourne. Their products are vegan friendly and only tested on what they call Bali Body Babes. So they’re not tested on animals and thats a huge plus for them right?  Also they’re committed to using natural and naturally derived ingredients. They definitively aim for you to form a long lasting relationship with them, using their amazing products with natural and nourishing ingredients.  You can find out more on their site here.

So, it’s time to talk about their BB Cream, and my favorite ever. Guys, I’ve to tell you, that after trying it, I’ve totally ditched using foundation. The only moments I went back to it, it’s when I thought my BBCream was getting empty and I was trying to save it until I get a new one. You ask yourself why didn’t I just simply got a new one? Well, it came with a shipping problem between DHL, the rules of importing makeup that exist in Peru.

So for a better understanding of my waiting decision, up until when I got my first BBCream, the rules of importing makeup to the country were very strict. You simply couldn’t. I mean you can, because they don’t always check your parcels with customs on the peruvian postal service, but if they do, you could simply say good bye to your purchases. Anyways, I was expecting my BB Cream to arrive with Serpost (peruvian postal service) but it ended up somehow being delivered with DHL. And DHL definitively has to get thru customs. So I knew I had to make arrangements to get the BB Cream back and get my money back. So I gave the DHL all the information they needed to arrange for it and apparently they never did. I was also talking with the awesome customer service agentes from Balibody and they confirmed me that DHL never ever contacted them. So one day DHL decided to tell me that I was going to lose my BBCream. No refunds no nothing, and I went bezerk lol. I gave them all the info and because of their lack of initiative or work I was going to lose around $30.  And somehow, that same day, the law changed and now they would let you import a few pieces of makeup for personal use (up to 4 times a year if I’m not wrong) and they ended up giving me my BB Cream. So I had the idea I was still going to get my products via DHL so I was saving my purchases so I could also get a tanning oil. But apparently my first purchase arriving with DHL was a mixup or mistake because the second one I ordered was delivered with Serpost.  

Now back to the BB Cream, it has four shades, fair, natural (the one I use all year long), tan and dark. It also has SPF15. It’s super lightweight and it’s also very hydrating. One tube lasted to me around 9 months with almost daily using. You just need to use a tiny bit of product and you’ll look amazing. It does give you very glowy and hydrated skin. It definitively doesn’t feel like you are wearing tons of foundation, and even if it doesn’t really cover much like foundation unless you use a few layers, it definitively gives you a I don’t know how to explain it, it makes you face look awesome and less crappy (how I look when I wake up). It fades and merges awesomely with your skin and skin color. 

I definitively recommend you this BB Cream. It’s kind of pricey $29.95 but like I said it lasted me 9 months with an almost constant use. But remember they have free worldwide shipping, so you are definitively saving a lot in that matter too. Totally worth it. 

Get it here. And if you have any doubts about the right color for you or the best tanning oil for your goals, you can always chat with the girls at Balibody on their website or DM them on IG. They will gladly help you and point you in the right direction. 

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