Prom dresses for everyone

Hey babes! How are you? I feel like it’s been a little while on my side and I still have to explain why, but here I am wanting to tell you about Babyonline Wholesale.

They offer a huge variety of dresses for everyone at very appealing prices. With them you can find sophisticated evening gowns, to shinning prom dresses, to amazing wedding dresses and bridesmaids ones. 

But this time, I wanted to tell you about their Plus Size Prom Dresses, because everyone deserves to look awesome and wear awesome pieces, no matter what size you are. 

I’m not saying that being plus size is good, its always good to eat healthy and definitively work out. And it’s important to not judge, because not everyone’s weight depends on what they eat… sometimes it might be related to an illness… and let’s face it, we are all different…. some can eat like there’s no tomorrow and not gain weight, and some eat one french fry and gain 2 kg. lol 

Anyways, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite plus size dresses from their site, not only because they are awesome, but because they’re also sexy and would make anyone look so good. 

First I chose this lovely and sexy off the shoulder black mermaid dress, it looks super sexy, shows off every curve on a women’s body. I think its perfect if you want to look sexy.

Next one is a A-Line Scoop Half Sleeves with Lace Navy Blue Dress. Is very simple yet very cute, and perfect if you don’t wanna show up that much of your body. 

The next one, is this Glamorous Long Sleev Mermaid with Lace Appliques  Dress, this one

The last one I chose, is this Mermaid Bateau Short sleeves Floor Length Sequins Dress, I love the sequins that give such extra glam to it, and I love how it is a shape hugger. 

What do you think about this dresses? 

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