Hey loves! How are you? I’m so in love with my new army green culotte pants from Zaful.

I’ve been training so hard, eating way way healthier and definitively losing weight and measurements so this pant kinda fits a little bit bigger than expected on me right now. I ordered it before I even knew I was going to start the gym again. Anyways nothing that a tailor can’t fix I think. 

I love the fabric of it, it’s very fresh and very very very comfy to be honest. I even love the fact that the height fits my little size perfectly. On the other one I had, I had to play tailor and  fix the hem. 

Do you like how this outfit?

Let me know in the comments!! 

I’m wearing:

Sandals – Na-kd – Zaful CulottesZaful BodyZaful Sunglasses