I’m pretty sure everyone does a lot of resolutions for the new years, but I’ve decided that I don’t wanna do that this year… and actually any following year.

Why? Because I feel a resolution is like something you HAVE to accomplish during the year and I don’t wanna do that. For me, this year I just have some things that I wanna do more. If I accomplish them its amazing and if I don’t it will be just ok.

So my No.Resolutions for 2019 are the following:

  • Go more to the gym and be healthier
  • Drive more
  • Give my new planner a proper use
  • Wear less makeup
  • Get a better paying job
  • Be more consistent with the blog
  • Save more
  • Travel more

These are the ones that came up to my mind today, but if come up with some new ones I’ll do an updated post.

Do you have any resolutions or no resolutions for this new year? Let me know in the comments.