Hey babes! How are you? I just recently got back from a trip to lovely Cusco and I would love to share with you my review of Balibody’s Watermelon Tanning oil.

I must admit I’ve kinda didn’t got to the beach all around march basically because of my period, having plans in the city and also my trip to Cusco, so I have lost a bit of color. Also you need to know that most of my pictures will be of the beginning of the summer.

First and foremost I wanna say that I’ve tried several tanning oils during my life, and most of them have give me okish results in the long run and I don’t know whats wrong with my skin lately that I lose all the color I’ve gained very quickly.

So I got myself the Watermelon tanning oil from Bali Body cuz I had seen so many amazing results on Instagram. I said to myself: Why not give it a try? So after asking around which one was going to give me the darkest tan, I got Watermelon one.

Since I live in Peru and we have the highest UV radiation in the world I do use a SPF50 on my skin to protect it. I got myself the tanning oil with no SPF, that’s why I always apply my sunscreen before the tanning oil. Whether you get the versions with or without SPF, is important that you always use sunscreen… cancer or any skin desease are no jokes.

The difference between the no SPF version to the ones that do have SPF , besides obviously the protection, is a few bucks so whatever you get, think always on protecting your skin.

Like I said, this awesome tanning oil gave me the same tan in a weekend or two at the beach as the tan I got the whole previous summer… so guys I do recommend it to you. The watermelon one is the one that gives you the deepest tan, but there’s also the original one, the cacao one and the pineapple one. You decide which one you want… I’m sure they’re all awesome and while give you amazing results.

I also wanted to tell you how much of an awesome customer care Balibody has. My watermelon tanning oil had a faulty bottle/cap and the oil kept spilling even if standing. I contacted them asking if this was normal ( I mean, it could be right? lol) and they told me I’ve gotten a faulty bottle and they were going to send me a new one. So they did. New one doesn’t spill and I’m very happy of how well they treated me and how much they did help.

Enjoy a few of my pics and if you want an awesome tan during summer… you know which tanning oil to get.