Hey guys! It’s time for some hair talk again. Like I said on my previous post, I think that wigs are a great option for when you want to try new hairstyles and hair colors.

In my case, I always wanted to try the grey hair with black roots style and know if I would look good. I always like that style and well after spending so many years and also money fixing how dry and frizzy my hair was I didn’t want to screw it by trying something that might have not looked good.

When I got the chance to get a free wig I choose that style and OMG it look so good on me, and without the hazle of damaging my hair. I still need to learn how to properly hide my natural hair but it has been looking good on all the pictures I took.

Anyways, I consider that bobs are the best hair styles length. I tend to cut my hair like that a lot when I do. So if I would ever want to go full blond? Why not getting a nice wig without damaging my hair?

I found some amazing wigs with great options not only on the type of hair, between brazilian and peruvian hair, with different lengths, besides extensions and other types of hair pieces.

Here are some of my favorite blonde bob wigs from luxhairshop. They are all made out of real Peruvian human hair, low key I wish my peruvian hair was as good and that I wouldn’t have need everything I needed to have it decent looking now. Of course, the length they have is a bob length, around 10″ and 14″.

All three of them are also straight blonde bob wigs, and have a 150% of hair density, if you need 180%, you can always contact them. Also the lace front base is strong and breathable and thin base is soft and comfortable and they all come in a medium cap size as a default.

On the other hand, there’s some extra materials as glue and tape that you’ll be needing. You should glue the front and the back part with tape, really easy to wear.

The first one is this Peruvian Hair Blond With Brown Root Color Straight Lace Front Bob Wig.

Get it here

I like this one because in my opinion is kind of the most natural one. Maybe for me because I do have brown hair. Love the length and how straight it is.

The second one is the Peruvian Hair Light Blond With Black Root Color Lace Front Bob Wig Straight

Get it here

I like this one, which is a bit shorter in length, I think because of the length. Also like the dark/black root, which is less noticeable here but gives it a great style and also makes it one of my favorites.

The third and last one is Itslademi Peruvian Hair Blond Color Straight Lace Front Bob Wig.

Get it here

I like this one because it has no roots colored and reminds me also of one of my favorite beauty YouTubers. Love the length, I think it gives a sexy style to whoever wears it.

What do you think about these wigs or wearing wigs in general?