Hi babes! I’m sure that if you follow me on Instagram that not long after coming back from Cusco. Me and my sister unexpectedly took a road trip to Paracas and Ica.

I woke up one day and while I was planning to shot some content for my insta, my sister wrote me asking if I wanted to go to Paracas (note that out rooms are a few meters away). So, I said why not? I packed as fast as I could for around two days and we hit the highway.

From Lima to Paracas, there’s around 3-4 hours with your car. You can always take a bus, but that’s something I haven’t done since I was a little kid and I was probably taken there (Ica city actually) for the first time by my grandparents.

We arrived around 2 pm, had lunch at the little hotel that we booked at booking at El Chaco. My sister initially told me about one, but I got quite confused (because they basically had the same name). The hotel was good, and the restaurant they had was too! They took ages to serve as during lunch, but I think it kinda was because of there was a few big groups. Cuz when I went to have dinner, it was empty and they served my food quite quickly honestly. Our hotel was the Bamboo Lodge Paracas.

After lunch, we got in the car again and drove an extra hour towards Ica city to visit the Huacachina Oasis. We stayed there till around maybe 6 or 7 and drove another hour, back to Paracas. The little hotel had a jacuzzi on the last floor that we enjoyed for a while, even if we shouldn’t have. And then went to bed.

The next day we had breakfast and decided to go to one of the beaches at the Paracas Reserve. We wanted to do a few other things, like going to Nazca, but it was too much driving (we had to go back to Lima, which already was 4 hours of drive). You pay 11 soles to get into the Reserve. The beach was kinda crowded but we managed to find a little space for us. After swimming a bit in the sea, and the beach getting even more crowded, we decided, it was time to go. Got ourselves, decently ready and drove back home.

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