One of the big decisions that you need to make about your vacation is whether you should fly there – or drive. Of course, itโ€™s going to depend largely on your vacay destination; youโ€™re not about to drive from the U.S. to Australia. However, if your vacation is taking place in the same country this year, then think a little closely about whether you want to drive to your destination or you want to hop on a plane to get you where you need to go.

With that in mind, letโ€™s take a look at some pros and cons of driving vs flying. This will hopefully help you to decide between the two and make the best possible decision for your vacation this year.

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Pros of Driving

Weโ€™ll start with the pros of SUV rental for your next vacation. And weโ€™ll start with the fact that you are in charge! When youโ€™re on a plane, youโ€™re following the itinerary of the plane. In a car, you can choose to be as free as you like and stop and start whenever you feel like it. The impulsive choices that you make on a vacation are the ones that really make the memories, and you can find your own fun. 

The next advantage is that there is no airplane food. You may be one of those rare breeds that actually enjoys airplane food, and power to you if you are. However, why take a warmed up variation of pasta when you can sit in eateries of your choice along the road? You can snack and eat what you want and when you want to without restrictions. 

The third is that you can see so many new things! Whenever you hit a new city or town, you can get out and explore. Driving is a far more immersive experience than flying, and you get the chance to truly broaden your horizons. You can experience so much more along the way – which you canโ€™t do in a plane unless you have several stops!

Cons of Driving

The downside? Well, the time. A flight that takes four hours could take you double and more time to drive. If you want to be at the beach as quickly as possible, flying will always be the faster option.

Next, you have the fact that you canโ€™t just sit back, relax and order a rum. You have to concentrate and be awake every time you sit behind the wheel so that you donโ€™t put anyone else on the road in danger. 

When you put parking and fuel charges into the equation, driving can be pricey! You need to consider your distances and where you hope to stop and start along the way, as the cost can really matter. You also have to think of the fact you need insurance that will cover you wherever you are, so make sure you check the fine print!

Lastly, unless you stop often, you wonโ€™t get much in the way of stretching and exercise.

It really depends on what you want for your trip and how far youโ€™re planning to go as to whether you can choose between flying and driving – weโ€™d pick driving!