Hey lovelies! First of all! Happy New Year, I hope you had an amazing New Years Eve and this new year 2020 is the best year yet for all of you. Let me know in the comments how you celebrated. 

This is not a resolution for me, because to be honest I am not really doing resolutions anymore. Most people don’t even fulfill them or they start in a good way the first days then forget about them. 

Anyways, leaving behind I’m not making any more NY resolutions, what I’m doing this year is definitively trying to lose more weight and stay healthier. And honestly a great way to do so, besides my amazing range of weight management drinks and going to the gym are the amazing products from FeelinGirl.

Their high waisted workout leggings are the best outfit to head to the gym and follow that amazing workout schedule I want to follow this year. Here are a few of my favorites. 

I like that they’re high waisted, because they help hide the tummy and build your body amazingly. I think they really make you look good.

FeelinGirl Watermelon Red Black High Waisted Leggings With Pockets

FeelinGirl Green Red Yoga Suit High Waisted Leggings 

Also, they do have amazing plus size waist trainers. Do you know what the waist trainers do? Well, they are a high compression shaping garment, that you wear on your waistline, and they help supplement your fitness goals. 

Their benefits of the waist trainers include more effective workouts, they improve your posture and also give you hourglass curves, instantly. Here are a few of my favorite of their selection. Besides I think its great they have a plus size selection, which makes them inclusive to all body types. Don’t you think?

FeelinGirl Green Red Yoga Suit High Waisted Leggings 

FeelinGirl Latex Waist Trainer