Hey guys! Did you know that when I started the blog back in 2012, aka years ago (OMG, so long ago)… I started it because I wanted to showcase hair accessories.

At that time I wasn’t feeling great with myself and my body (even tho I was way skinnier back then)… It was probably just a lack of confidence from my side. Anyways, it was my way to show the side of fashion I was comfortable with and I always like putting things in my hair to make it look good.

Anyways, have you realized how trendy big headbands are getting. I’ve seen so many amazing and beautiful ones being sold in Peru, but at prices I consider very expensive.

So the other day I went to check over the amazing catalog of clothes of Rosegal, which I adore because they are very inclusive and have a lot of plus size clothes.

Anyways I found these lovely Drape Solid Yarn Hairband. And had to get it.

Here are some pics of how I styled it.