What trends are you expecting to see during the next wedding or weddings you attend? A lot of sexiness, long dresses? Any unexpected trends?

It isnโ€™t news that this year was a year definitively nobody expected. Most weddings at the beginning of the year got cancelled.  I mean even I had one in another city that got cancelled. We still donโ€™t know if itโ€™s happening this year.

But a pandemic will definitively wonโ€™t stop us from celebrating love. And, of course, thinking about the awesome dresses you can expect to see on the brides or the guests, right?

Thereโ€™s always plenty of amazing dresses to wear as I guest. I canโ€™t imagine how it is to find that one amazing dress for your own wedding. Hopefully I can get to experience it soon.

Love the tulle and the lace details this dress has. Has the perfect amount of everything. The spaghetti straps and deep V neck give it a bit of sexiness.

I think long dresses will still be a thing this wedding season. They give an elegant touch to whoever is wearing them, specially in such occasions. Another great feature in the dresses that is here to stay, at least for a while, I think it is the appliques, whether its lace or beadings.

Something I love is spaghetti straps, they give a little touch of elegance to everything you wear. In this dress, the straps have beautiful lace appliques, that go around the dress and some part of the tulle. Also love the perfect, amount of tulle. I think the V neck gives it a special touch.

This is another beautiful dress with tulle and lace appliques. It also has spaghetti strap, but this one doesn’t have the lace detail in them. This one also has an open back that gives a perfect sense of sexiness. It also have satin linings.

Nice cleavages and spaghetti straps are a thing to watch on too. To add a bit of extra sexiness you can add a side split and definitively a backless style. Same goes to the actual wedding dresses for brides.

I think that when it comes to wedding dresses, I would say it totally depends on the style the bride wants. I also think a nice open back, laced and side split white dress does a perfect job.

This beautiful wedding dress, has a beautiful open back, it also has a deep V neck that is softly hidden by a high neck lace detail. The rest of the dress has a beautiful lace detail cover. The extra sexiness is added by the split side.

You can find all these amazing dresses on Berlinnova. The philosophy is to create amazing dresses that portrait the elegance and charm of each woman. Also having a little bit of sexy, shining, slim and simple style. They use different quality materials to give you the best dresses ever, with a variety of sizes for each body.

What do you think lovelies? Let me know in the comments.

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