Omg! I’m finally back for a while at least. Let’s see how much its lasts. I wanted to share a different kind of wishlist this time, a one with goals, well things that I consider goals. Things that are a bit expensive and I want to get, or either upgrade. Some aren’t here since I couldn’t add them or find them, but they’re a new Macbook or a new iPhone.

Anyways if you want to keep up with my life don’t forget to follow me on Insta. You’ll see my little change into a more positive life and a lot lot of old travel pictures since thanks to lockdown I’m not allowed out of my home, nor my city or my country. How’s this time been for you?

What things are the ones you want to work hard and get or basically are in wishlist like this for you? Is it a home, a car? Shoes, an expensive bag? Don’t you love the feeling of working hard to achieve your goals and things you always wanted?

I know I definitively love the feeling. Little advice, change your mindset, be positive, be grateful for everything, the good and the bad, ask to the universe, and the universe will give it back in abundance to you.

I will be updating it wether to add new things I’ve forget to add or to remove things I finally got for myself. I will be ticking them off here too!

Have you check my last post yet?