Fashion is something we all have to embrace to some degree, and it can be difficult to find a style that suits you. If youโ€™re not someone who spends much time when it comes to online shopping or shopping in-store, then finding your own fashion style is one that can be challenging. Here are five ways to find your own fashion style.

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Look At Your Current Wardrobe

What does your current wardrobe look like? Take a look inside at all the clothes that you own and focus on the items of clothing that spark joy and happiness in you. Regardless of whether something is years old or youโ€™ve got the same version of it, but in different colors, these are items of clothing that you obviously love wearing. The way you feel in an item of clothing is just as important as how you look in it. If you donโ€™t feel good in what youโ€™re wearing, itโ€™s likely to stay in your closet and go un-touched.

Pick out your favorite pieces and perhaps draw from those, the style or type of fit you like when it comes to each item of clothing. Maybe you like tight-fitted jeans, or you prefer long, flowy skirts. Whatever it is, itโ€™s going to help you on your journey to find the right fashion style for you. Also, our tastes do change in many ways, including fashion, so donโ€™t always rely on what you already have in your wardrobe.

Do Your Fashion Research

Fashion research is important to do because although itโ€™s not advised to follow every trend thatโ€™s out there, it can provide you with the inspiration you need. If you donโ€™t really have much awareness of what body shape you are or what type of clothing suits you, then itโ€™s good to start with the basics. Learn what your body shape is and what type of clothing or fit is going to suit you best. It might be slightly different for you, but for the most part, youโ€™re going to fall into one of those body shape categories. From there, you can explore places like Pinterest and other social media platforms to find outfit looks that other people have put together. You might want to take a look at whatโ€™s on the runway and in magazines at the moment.

Create A Mood Board/Wishlist

Thereโ€™s a big selection of fashion pieces out there from accessories to footwear, outerwear to formal attire. It can be hard to keep all your ideas locked away in your brain for when you next go shopping, so why not create a mood board or wishlist? Itโ€™s something you can keep on the go for making sure you pick out everything you wanted for your wardrobe.

Itโ€™s easy to forget else, and then you might end up picking some pieces out that was meant to go with other garments that you didnโ€™t buy. Creating that mood board or wishlist is going to help you keep on top of what you need and what you donโ€™t need. This can be something you change as each season goes by, and it can be fun to pick and mix inspiration from online and what you see in newspapers or magazines.

Find The Brands That Work For You

Finding the right brand for your fashion style is important because there are lots of fashion houses and companies out there, some of which are going to suit you. Every brand is going to be different in its aesthetic and also how well they cater to you as an individual. Itโ€™s important to find what works for you and to avoid any brands that really havenโ€™t been great for previous experiences of buying or trying on clothes.

Experiment With New Items

Experimenting is fun and is highly recommended when it comes to fashion. Look at the ways you can tweak trends you might be excited about to make into your own unique style. Swap and change out outfits that you put together before for something else. You might find that some work for you and some donโ€™t. Thatโ€™s the fun of fashion because itโ€™s like an art form in a way, it can be great for finding what you love and what you donโ€™t like so much.

Finding your own fashion style is certainly important in life. It can help you open up your personality for the world to see, and you can often tell a story with your clothing. Never underestimate the power of fashion.