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Hey babes! I want to talk to you today about shape wear and body shapers mostly. I’m sorry I’ve been super busy and not able to come here sooner. Remember you can always follow my life on my Insta.

I’ve got a question for you… Have you ever wore shape wear? Felt like you needed to put something under a dress or any clothes? Wanted to hide your little rolls or just to show off your curves better?

Well I have and I’m pretty sure most of you have too. I mean there’s even celebrities that have created their own brands of shape wear, that tells me this is a common need for us women.

There’s different kinds of them, from bodies to shorts, bras, the ones that help to show off your booty, etc, and you know what? FeelinGirldress has them all.

I’m going to talk to you today about two of the types. I’ve given myself permission to add some cute extra surprise, and you will be able to keep yourself warm.

Body Shapers

First, there are the wholesale body shapers, and the best thing is that there’s one for every type of body. Personally, I always love when brands cater for all types of body and shapes. And it honestly sucks, that in 2020, almost 2021, there’s still brands that make clothes for only skinny bodies.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Ultra Hot Black Adjustable Straps Plus Size Shape Bodysuit Body

Extra Firm Control Skin Color Large Size Full Body Shaper

Black Best Body Shaper Lace Open Crotch Highest Compression


Then, we have the waist and thigh trainer , as they will help you get your waist and thighs too in the best shape. Making them look like you’ve always wanted to.

These are very helpful if you want to train your waist, to look, let’s say thinner and curvier. And, when it comes to the tighs, to make them look better too.

Slimming Belly Rose Red Zipper Neoprene Waist Cincher

Rose Red High Waist Sticker Neoprene Thigh Shaper Figure Slimmer

Weight Loss Rose Red Neoprene 2 Pcs Thigh Trimmers Adjust


And last but not least, my little surprise. Please don’t forget to Click on Black Friday Sale Sweatshirts&Hoodies. These will definitively be a great addition to your closet during the coming seasons to help you keep warm.

Here are my faves.

Brightly Khaki Knit Swetashirt Patchwork Crew Neck Outfit

Desirable Gray Drawstring Sweatshirt Pocket Long Sleeve Chic Fashion

Catching Pink Big Size Pullover Shirt Stacked Collar Svelte Style

Let mw know what you think in the comments.

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