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I feel like I’m slowly getting back to blogging and I really like it. These past few months the focus has been on being more entrepreneurial and left the blog a bit aside. Anyways, I’m not going to talk about my business ventures on this post, but about long sleeve dresses.

Even if we are in a middle of a pandemic and some countries still have some restriction, that shouldn’t stop you from getting a beautiful long sleeve bodycon dress. Seasons are changing and while here in Peru, the weather is slowly getting warmer, it’s slowly getting colder in some other countries.

While the days are still a bit colder, I always think about wearing long sleeve dresses, that will keep me warm while also feeling sexy and not that hot. Specially if I would go on a date or something like that. Lima has so many microclimates that you can be at home with warm and sunny and move five minutes away and you just get grey skies and cold weather. So grabbing a jacket is always a must, usually and for extra warmth, long sleeve dresses are perfect.

I just came across Wholesale7, and found some beautiful dresses that are perfect for different occasions. And omg, they are all so amazing that it’s been very hard for me to really pick just two to represent different occasions. Click in each picture to buy the dress you like the most.


When it comes to partying, still not allowed here, but definitively in other countries, both dresses I think are perfect for a good old party at the disco and just having fun. With different types of showing your sexiness you’ll be the soul of the party.

Day with the girls

Something I really miss is spending the day with my girls or just going out with them for a nice dinner or some drinks. These dresses, I think are perfect for a day or night with your girls.

Running errands

Running errands doesn’t mean you have to wear a boring outfit, you can still look amazing with these dresses that also show that you can be a boss babe.

Date night

These two dresses are just so perfect for a date. They’re very elegant, yet they have a little touch of sexy, that will leave your date in awe. Don’t you think?

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. Remember, stay safe and protect yourself and your love ones.

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