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A piece of clothing I love but don’t wear as often are dresses. Maybe because I’m not a 100% confident in my whole body or I simply don’t like my legs that much. And this is something I need to work on. Be happy and love myself more.

I’ve been looking to expand my wardrobe a little more, specially on the dresses department. I got super excited when I found out about Feelingirldress black friday on sale and decided to check on their dresses selection.

I feel like dresses are pieces that help us feel free, but also pretty and sexy sometimes. And with sexy sometimes, I mean, the times we decide to wear an extra sexy dress. Sometimes just to stay at home and some others to go out with your friends or significant other.

I personally don’t wear much dresses when I go out but I’m trying to change that. I like wearing some at home, specially if it’s quite warm outside. Are you the kind of girl who loves wearing dresses at home or to go out. And most importantly, what kind of dresses you like wearing the most? Please let me know in the comments.

Lately, what I love the most are maxi dresses, and these wholesale maxi dresses are just to die for, don’t you think? These are my favorite.

Gracious Plus Size Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Tie Lady Dress

I love this dress because for starters I am lately very obsessed with plants patterns. I have a few swimsuits with them and I just love them. So this perfect maxi dress is just simply love for me. Looks very light and perfect for either summer or spring. I also think it’s perfect either to be at home or go out.

Brown Solid Color Full Sleeve Maxi Dress Latest Fashion

This dress, for example, I think is perfect for a date or going to a party or a club (if you’re allowed)… Don’t you think? It will make you look extremely sexy, but will also eventually keep you warm because of the long sleeves and turtle neck.

And last but not least… when it doesn’t come maxi dresses, a wholesale bandage dress is a great option too. I would consider these dresses perfect for outting with friends or a nice date with your significant other. Once again, if your country allows meetings.

Black Wide Straps Lace Patchwork Bandage Dress Delightful Garment

I love the lace detail this dress has, and the fact that is made to hug your body perfectly. The length is perfect for summer too.

What do you think? Do you like these dresses?

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