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Hey babes! I’m keeping my promise of trying, emphasis on trying to post more often over here. Did I told you I just launched a little cookie business? Well, that has been taking a lot of my time because, I’m in charge of absolutely everything. I’m in charge of baking, did the whole website, managing everything and the social media, besides the photography and graphic design. And if I’m honest I try to do it all in comfy clothes.

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked to you about Prestarrs before, so this time, I just wanted to say that they have amazing clothes, that are perfect for every occasion, wether you want to dress up to be at home or if you just want to wear the comfiest clothes around.

For the ones to want to stay warm but still wear something on the most comfortable side and still look good, I think these fashion hoodies from therm are an amazing option. The following are my favorite and I hope you really like them too. I’m pretty sure, they will keep anyone warm while still be comfy to stay at home or run some errands.

Another piece that mades it to the comfy category, that keeps everyone warm on days that are not that cold are popular sweatshirts. I love wearing them, on days that I’m cold but not cold enough to get a warmer jacket… or when I’m at the beach. It’s perfect attire for colder nights at the beach. Or even if you join a fire there. What do you think? The following are my favorites.

I also love the oversized fits they have… for some reason I love wearing oversize clothes.

What about you? Tell me what you think.

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