Pieces I can’t stop wearing

Hey babes, I’ve been trying to write this post for a little over two weeks now. Honestly after what happened in the country I felt like there was no point on talking about fashion. Nor the pieces I can’t stop wearing.

Anyways, let’s rave about them then. I just recently got this amazing oversized white jogger. It’s on sale now and it’s from Pinkchick. It’s the comfiest jogger I’ve ever had and also very very warm.

You can totally wear it just to be at home, like I do much of the time when I wanna be comfy but look stylish. Or you can wear it to go out (of your house) with different stylish pieces like the next ones.

The next piece is this Zara snake print top I’ve got. I previously had a white one but it was honestly just seeing it’s last days. So when I found this one I was in love and it was a nice replacement.

And the next piece I love it’s my white oversized Zara denim jacket. It was such a great deal that I got the day they launch their online store and app in the country.

Pairing them all in this case with snake print sneakers, I managed to put this nice outfit. What do you think about it?

Below are similar pieces you can get 👇🏻

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(I wrote this on 16th November if I don’t post it soon, which I probably won’t, I will try to finish it by this date but not sure when will I post it)

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