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Hey loves! How are you? I can’t seem to keep up with my promised of constantly posting over here. I’m really really sorry about that. I want to talk to you again about the suits from allaboutsuit.

I was hoping this year would be the nearest one to getting back to normal. Hoping I was going to have some of my friends weddings. The weddings have been postponed to 2022.

If I am honest, I was very happy to supposedly have some kind of normality with their weddings, have some fun, maybe a lot of fun. I’m definitively missing the good old days. Anyways, this post is not about me being sad because there won’t be any weddings are life isn’t back to normal yet. It is about weddings, yes, but we’ll be focusing in suits, most specifically, wedding suits.

I’m loving talking about suits and men’s fashion, since it was something I haven’t done during all the time I’ve had this blog. I definitively think that suits will make men look stylish. Specially if its on their wedding. Not only brides have to look amazing on their wedding dresses, so should their grooms. I’m pretty sure finding the perfect suit, is not the same as finding the perfect wedding dress. Not at all right? But I’m pretty sure every groom wants to look amazing too.

Having groomsmen and bridesmaid isn’t something we do in my country. But I still want to talk about groomsmen suit! I’ve seen a lot of weddings on tv with groomsmen and bridesmaids, and they all wear similar colors on their dresses and suits and I kind of like it. Actually I love it, and maybe it should be something we should start doing in Peru.

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