Hey lovelies! I think I already told you in my last post, but I am so happy to be back at blogging and posting. I must admit that the job I had until a few weeks ago was draining me from my energy and I’m also quite certain that it was getting me depressed. So one little advice over here… do what you love and don’t ever let a job because of money interfiere with your happiness and your mental health. Let me know if you want me to make a post about this topic. I also promise to work on my Arequipa post soon.

Anyways, I have to say that during this pandemic I’ve loved to be comfy and wear comfy clothes as much as possible if I know I’m going to be home. So my newest Femmeluxe Loungewear set has been my best friends literally the moment I got it. Weather is transitioning here, so this one is really perfect for it as it is cropped but also still very warm. I love wearing it with my new sleepers, thanks to my sister that bought herself some new ones that weren’t her size but mine.

Please, let’s ignore the fact that my belly urgently needs a tan. I haven’t gone to the beach in over almost 2 years so, thank you Covid, I guess… I now match my loungewear set. And yes I could possibly just use my fake tan, but I rather save it for more important occasions, like for example an upcoming wedding I have in November.

Talking bout weddings, there are some beautiful and also very sexy black dresses on their site. I’ve been eyeing some that I might get for that wedding or maybe just to have and wear to a night out with friends. Omg, you guys have now idea how much I miss going out with my friends.

Another good option for going out and feeling sexy while having fun are definitively, white dresses, don’t you think? Obviously not good for a wedding since only the bride is supposed to wear white at her day right? Little white dresses should become a must during the spring season that just started hitting us here in Peru.

Anyways, going back to to my Cropped Hoodie Loungewear Set, it is very comfortable, very warm and the best thing… It doesn’t fall. Lol lately, I don’t know if its because I’ve been losing weight and inches or why, but some of my pants, have been falling down and I felt vert awkward walking while bringing it back to its position again. This is lush for me honestly.

By the way, I would love to know, how much have you been back to your former pre-pandemic life? We are still having to wear 2 masks, but most of restrictions are gone and most people are getting their vaccines. Me included, I just had my second dose during the weekend and I couldn’t me more happier. Even tho, it has made me very very tired still, but its the best reason to wear this set. Don’t you think?

I also can’t wait for summer, not only to get tanned… yes I need it with urgency as you can see, but to be able to wear denim shorts. And honestly feel free and fresh during the hot season. Besides they’re a girls best friend during their visits to the beach. They’re definitively mine. And I love pairing them with comfy sandals and also a nice white top or one with a flower pattern in it.

I highly recommend getting one of Femmeluxe lounge wear sets, like I said, they’re very comfy and warm, and of course, for you guys entering autumn and then winter, they’ll become your best friends too. Whether you wear them to just hang around your house or to be comfy while working, they’ll be your best warm and comfy friends during the cold weather.

Femmeluxe Loungewear set* – Quay Australia Glasses