about the blog

If you have been a follower for a while you might have noticed that the blog has had several name changes. I was never happy with any of them and kept constantly changing them. I might have been happy at the beginning but then the names began to feel dumb and I wasn’t satisfied. Probably, after watvhing the series from E! Fashion Bloggers I had the idea of changing the name to something that meant something to me and since I don’t have kids or pets, I named after two of my favorite fashion brands/people: Coco from Coco Chanel and Louis from Louis Vuitton. It’s been a 5 years happy ride, but also really hard work for me, since I basically do everything over here. Lately some of that hard work is paying off and I’m truly happy about that. This is still my hobby and my passion and I hope someday it will grow a bit bigger. Thanks for the support!

about me

Hi, my name is Lourdes, but everyone knows me as Lu or Lou!

I’m 29 years young, I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I have a Bachelor in Science of Communications in the University of Lima and looking to study a Master in Fashion Communications and Marketing. I’ve a lot of experience as a graphic designer after almost 3 years of working as one after college. I’ve also a 2 year experience of different areas of an e-commerce (commercial and content writer). I love traveling, fashion and beauty, definitively shopping, I’m also a big soccer/football fan, writing and reading are my passions too! Since I love traveling, these are my favorite cities in the world; HamburgParis and Barcelona. I could visit them over and over again and never be tired of any of them. Soon I’ll be opening a marketing and design studio if you are interested. Stay tuned.

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