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swimsuits wishlist from zaful

Hey babes! It’s time for a new wishlist from Zaful. Summer will start in a few months and I’m totally preparing for it, so I wanted to share a little wishlist that involves some swimsuits. I also wanted to let you know, that Zaful has become one of my favorite online stores. They have a huge selections of clothes for every body type, which I find perfect, because is still hard for curvier girls to find places to get cute clothing in their sizes. Awesome right? There’s also  ...

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What about tunic dresses?

Hey lovelies! Weekend is here already, basically and also I think weather is finally changing in Lima… It’s gettin warmer slowly. I’m definitively in the mood of wearing some dresses and summerish clothes already, for example some tunic dresses! Does it happen to you that you get inspired by Instagram and all those summerish outfits everyone is wearing… but you are in the opposite side of the world and freezing your body out? This happens to me a lot… specially  ...

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gym leggings: getting fit with it

Hey babes! How are you? I’m here enjoying watching a little bit of Netflix. Thinking a lot about going back to the gym, and definitively looking for some awesome gym leggings. I would totally love to go back to the gym and getting back into a fitness/healthier lifestyle. Like I said, lately I’ve been really thinking a lot about going back to the gym but I still haven’t really took actions about it. I’m totally the kind of person who loves working out in the  ...

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beach babe

Hey babes! It’s winter here but the other day I felt like such a beach babe! My mom, sis and I, unexpectedly decided to head to the beach to spend the night and relax. The next day we were greatly surprised by a very warm and sunny day, in this winter. Hola babes! Aquí es invierno, pero el otro día me sentí como toda una beach babe. Mi mamá, mi hermana y yo, decidimos irnos de un día para otro a la playa a relajarnos. Y para nuestra sorpresa, el día siguiente nos sorprendió con una  ...

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