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Let’s go

TGIF! I’m so excited about it, because, I’m going to the beach today, and tomorrow there’s a hippie party and I’ve been working on my outfit. I’ll see if I can make a post about it. Also today I’m trying to make my first outfit of the day post. Obviously I don’t have a photographer or a good camera, I have only my good iPhone and Photoshop, where I’m good at. I’m sorry for my stupid faces on some pictures, it deffo wasn’t easy.  ...

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I ADORE hair accessories and there is one I’m completely in love with! It’s a fuchsia bow hair clip that I compulsively bought on Milan while I was there. The store is called Camomilla Milano, and probably you gonna find it around Italy, if not, there’s always Milano, that lovely fashion city! I just love this..

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Expect the unexpected…

I have good news, I finally have my beloved iPhone 5, the amazing Casetagram case that I copied from M. (I asked) and also a beautiful new purse and two dresses. (Pics are coming later since atm I’m blogging from the blogger app) I know in a previous post I was insecure wether to choose the collage case from my euro trip or the cases from my pics from the Eiffel Tower and a place call Alsterskaden pretty near from Hamburgs Rathaus. I introduced M. to Casetagram and he bought himself  ...

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Cheap sunnies

cheap, surprise, sunnies and clear glasses! Guys, some years ago, I was looking for clear wayfarer glasses and I found Bleudame. Even if I love ASOS and their free shipping policy, once in a while I buy sunglasses on Bleudame, because the shipping is not that expensive, at least according to me. I’m suscribed to their newsletter and last week this is what they sent. I think its an amazing deal so you better run and get some. Click on the banner on the left side of the blog, and hurry!  ...

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