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Je t’aime Paris

Paris! Before this year, I could only dream about going to Paris. Now I dream about going back but with my whoever I’m with. I had huge problems communicating, and if I wouldn’t have stayed with people I met back here, I wouldn’t have survived alone. But in the end… I got some instructions on my first day, got my map of the city and a map of the metro… and off I was for my adventures. It felt great, coming back home after my tours, knowing that I wasn’t  ...

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Trips – Barcelona

Hey! I wanted to also add a bit about my trips to the blog… So I’m starting with Barcelona. The first “official” stop in my Eurotrip 2012. I’m pretty sure there will be more Eurotrips to come for me. I have to start admitting I went to Barcelona, wanting to be in Madrid, and with the idea that I wasn’t going to like Barcelona. But oh dear, I’m IN LOVE with Barcelona. So, this is my little advice for you, NEVER travel with a preconceived idea of the  ...

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