Molletta Jill & Molletta Martina by Camomilla Milan

While I was in walking around Milan, if I should buy something or not, I got into a store called Camomilla, I got in, and till the moment I saw all the hair accessories, I decided I wasn’t going to leave that store without buying something, even tough they weren’t cheap. After all, I was in Milan. I bought the two bows from up there but in different colours. They are made of chiffon, and I love them so much.  They are another must for me. You can get them HERE and HERE. ______  ...

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The Drapey Floral Bow Headband by BleuDame

I just love it. This is one of my favorite, really favorite headbands, I use it a lot, and I even traveled to Europe with it and used it a lot there. It is a 1/4″ wide, chiffon, floral bow headband that comes in 4 different colours: Navy Pink Purple Red I’ve go the pink one, and here are examples or how I’ve been using it. The sunglasses in the picture are also from BleuDame 🙂 and they were both, one of the first things I bought over the Internet. _________ Esta es una de  ...

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The Beginning

The other day, I was thinking about what to blog in my personal blog, and since I wanted to blog about fashion, but since sadly, I can’t wear everything I want to, I realized after the second hair accessories shop in a month, that I have really a passion for hair accessories, besides nail polishes. I basicaly realized that I’ve turned my general fashion frustration into a real passion for hair accessories. There’s always a bow or a headband in my head, and when not, it  ...

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