Why so absent? Again!

Hey beauties! I’m sorry I have recently had a 3 week absence, but this wasn’t entirely my fault. Back from easter we started having problems with our wifi (wlan) or however you call it. It sucked for a week and then the next week, we lost it entirely for two weeks. We spent days fighting and calling Movistar, even going to their offices, to get it fixed with no success until yesterday. After such insistence, they sent us yesteday someone to FINALLY FIX (those were they words)  ...

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all black errrthing

Hey lovelies! How are you? I’m sorry I’ve been absent this past few days. I’ve had kind of writers block and a lot of laziness. I think that my little road trip to Paracas (I’m preparing the post) relaxed me a lot and got me into this little phase. It has been also a while since I posted my last outfit post and I hope you like this one. For me this is more of an party/going out outfit for any time of the day. I’m also debuting on this post, officially, my new  ...

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My Youtube Channel

Hey lovelies, As you can see, a few of my latest posts have videos on them, which means I’m kind of starting in this youtube world so I hope that you can suscribe to my channel and enjoy the videos I will be making. Thanks in advance lovelies.  

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Frends with benefits

Hey lovelies! After such a long wait (thanks again lovely peruvian postal service!), I finally have my own pair of Frends headphones. They probably have been in my wishlist for around 2+ years and I finally could get them. I still think they are very high priced but you guys, sometimes they put them on sale and there’s your chance (as it was mine). I love how you can store them in the little bag they come with, how foldable they are, how stylish they make you look and how good they  ...

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