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Hey babes, Don’t miss out on this amazing coupon code to get 34% off on orders over US$ 69. SheIn always has the greatest fashion pieces and the best offers, I do own a few pieces from them and I absolutely love them. Do you own some too? If I weren’t on a shopping ban to save for Colombia, I would deffo get me something, but you can do it, so don’t losee your chance, that this great promotion ends on September 14th. Go With The Flow! Discover The Most Natural Style From  ...

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Hey babes! I’m slowly getting back on here, trying to find more time to write a post, take pictures, and just share a bit more of my life on my social media. Yes, work is being that hard for me, but like I said, I have found a group of amazing co workers that make it a little bit easier and funnier. Btw, I’m going for my birthday to Colombia, to visit my boo, and I promise that this time I’ll take a lot of pictures to prepare a great post. Maybe even a few outfit posts.  ...

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Travel stories: Mancora

Hey guys! A few weeks ago, I had a weekend trip with my coworkers to Mancora, a little city, in northern state of Piura. I have to admit, I don’t have pictures, It was just a weekend trip and I just enjoyed relaxing and partying. We stayed at the Loki Hostel, in my opinion a great option if what you are looking for is: relaxing during the day (or recovering from last night) and partying and missbehaving during the night. Remember is a hostel and you can share a room with anyone. My  ...

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Great extensions around: CC Hair Extensions

I have to admit, that my hair is really important for me. And I guess a lot of us are never happy with their hair, I myself just had a keratine treatment to get my hair straighten because I can deal with my natural hair. I hated feeling like a lion but now at least I feel great with myself and more confident.   Hair extensions help a lot of girls feel and look better, so I came around with this great hair extensions website: www.cchairextensions.com. This is a great website with a  ...

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