Bogotá: Carry On Essentials

Hey lovelies, My trip is literally around the corner and I have to admit, that I kind of have prepared myself very good for this trip. I wanted to travel in style and not just plain anymore. Yes, now I felt that I’ve been traveling very plain. Here are a few list of what I consider my carry on essentials. Beauty: Powder, lipstick, travel sized dental kit, hand sanitizer Tech and organizing: Macbook, iPhone, chargers, external battery, camera, big bag, laptop case, wallet, planner,  ...

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le lift

Hey babes,   Today I wanted to talk about this new cream for the lips I got at the Chanel Boutique on my shopping spree the other day, that is kind of the best ever.   First of all I have to admit that is is quite pricey but the end results make it totally worth it. Lately my lips had been so dry, but so dry that I ended up having little injuries in them from scratching dead skin out of them (also a stupid thing I tend to do, specially when I’m nervous). In my latest post  ...

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beauty newbies

Hey babes, I can say now that I’m basically back to the blog 24/7.  Sadly, (yes, sadly) now I have the time and new tools to work. You remember that I always complaint about having to work with a very very old and slow laptop? Well, that has changed, along with my job status tho, but still, I’m gonna to the best to keep the blog going on while I get a new job. Sorry for talking about this over here but somehow it is good news for the blog. Anyways, the other day I went shopping,  ...

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travel planning: Bogotá

Hey babes, If you don’t know in a few weeks I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Bogotá, Colombia. I decided to gift myself with a little bit of happiness so I just booked my trip after a bit of planning with my friend. So I looked for the cheapest ticket, and the winner was the low cost colombian airline Viva Colombia, that recentry opened their Lima – Bogota route. Since it is a low cost, your suitcases are gonna cost you a bit extra, but it is still the cheapest airline  ...

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